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Lending a hand to help an Eagles fan with upcoming winter heating needs

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Philadelphia, PA (October 2009) Fans Helping Fans, a grassroots charity started and run by volunteers who are passionate fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, recently gave a helping hand to Thomas S., a local Philadelphia Eagles fan who faced a cold winter without FHF’s help.

Thomas S. is a Philadelphia man diagnosed with HIV who survived both cancer and a stroke and who needed a little help to make sure he has heat this winter.  As he explained, after a long work history in hotel management, Thomas fell behind in his bills to the Philadelphia Gas Works when he became ill and could not work.  Although he can keep up with his current PGW charges, Thomas asked for FHF’s help in clearing the past-due balance so that his gas service would not be shut off this winter.

As part of the FHF grant application, all applicants must describe their history and experience as an Eagles fan.  Thomas described his as watching every game on TV and standing and yelling at the TV during plays.  He noted that “Everyone knows to leave Tom alone during Eagles time.”

Fans Helping Fans came through for Thomas with a grant of nearly $800.00 to pay his PGW balance.  FHF Board Member Steve Reynolds presented the grant to Thomas and assisted in ensuring that PGW cleared the balance to zero.

All FHF supporters and Eagles fans can be proud to hear the response from Thomas when he learned his PGW balance had been paid: “Thank you so very much! My account balance is now at zero. The comfort I’m feeling right now is overwhelming!”

Fans Helping Fans is grateful to the many Eagles fans who support our work and make grants like the one for Thomas S. possible.