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Fans Helping Fans - Grant Updates

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Philadelphia, PA (November 7, 2008) Fans Helping Fans, a grassroots charity started and run by volunteers who are passionate fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, provides updates on various grants made in recent years. With the help of other Eagles fans, Fans Helping Fans raises money through tailgate parties, donations and drawings for autographed Eagles memorabilia. Thanks to the support of other Eagles fans, Fans Helping Fans has been able to help numerous fans, including those below.

In February 2007, Fans Helping Fans made a grant of $1,425 to William K., who had recently lost his job and needed help to avoid being evicted from his apartment while he started a new position.

In November 2006, Fans Helping Fans made a grant of $1,200 to April S., a fellow fan in Levittown, Pennsylvania who had suffered a fire in her apartment. Although April S. and her family were safe, they lost their belongings and requested help from Fans Helping Fans to start anew in another apartment. Fans Helping Fans provided $1,200 in IKEA gift cards so April S. could buy new furniture for herself and her children.

Fans Helping Fans was sorry to learn that two of its grantees had passed away. Eagles fan and grantee John Fenstermacher died in January 2007 from complications related to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Fans Helping Fans had assisted him by helping his family purchase an accessible van that they used to transport John to medical appointments and Eagles training camp. Wrote Eagles coach Bill Shuey, who knew John, “I truly appreciated all your help and concern with John’s situation. He was a great man and will be missed.”

Sadly, another grantee, Stephen Del Grande of West Chester, died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma in February 2007. Fans Helping Fans had provided assistance for medical and other bills when his illness caused him to lose work.

Eagles Fan “JesESTERLY” puts the Fun in Fundraising to benefit Fans Helping Fans

Friday, November 7th, 2008
Halloween 2008 Tailgate Party Fundraising

Halloween 2008 Tailgate Party

Philadelphia, PA (November 7, 2008) Knows as “JesEsterly” on the Eagles Message Board, fan Jesse organizes a regular tailgate party in the Wachovia parking lot to provide fun, food and friendly competition for Eagles fans before home games, and to assist Fans Helping Fans in the process.

Known as the “TCB Tailgate,” the well-run and very well-attended tailgate party features great food, flowing drinks, a professional DJ supplying the tunes, competitive tailgate games and a complete flat-screen TV set-up to catch all of the pre-game shows and keep track of other games.

During the 2008 season, fans have attended from as far away as Canada. Those attending the tailgate party are asked to make a donation.

Proceeds go toward several good causes in addition to Fans Helping Fans. “Money is used to send flowers to families of fellow members of the Eagles Message Board who pass on, and sending care packages to soldiers overseas who are Eagles fans. Those are just two examples,” explained Jesse, a Marine.

Special events at the TCB Tailgate have included a Halloween costume party before the Falcons game and a Salute to the Troops before the Giants game. The date of the latter is significant to Jesse. “It’s the fourth anniversary of my unit taking Fallujah, November 10 is the U.S. Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day is the 11th, and the Toys for Tots drive is this month.” Tailgaters who donated toys received free tickets for a drawing to win a baseball cap autographed by Eagles players, which was donated by Fans Helping Fans.

Eagles football, tailgates, being with fellow fans, and helping others in need – the perfect combination of Fans Helping Fans’ mission!