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Former Eagles Cheerleader Has Something New To Cheer About

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Fans Helping Fans, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping Philadelphia Eagles fans in financial need, announced its first grant of the 2005-2006 season.   The grant went to Regina M., a former Eagles cheerleader currently living in Florida.

“We made four grants last year, our first year,” said Reverend Jeff Rumble of California, Chair of FHF’s Grant Distribution Committee, and we’ve picked up right where we left off for our second season.”

Regina M. used to live in Philadelphia and had cheered for the Eagles as an alternate cheerleader for a few games years ago.  When she moved to Florida, she saw firsthand how damaging the Sunshine State’s famed hurricanes could be.

“Regina was evacuated twice last year because of hurricanes,” said Rumble, “and the unexpected expense of staying in a hotel and losing food supplies when the power went out really put a strain on her.  She’s a single mother of two children, so things got really tight.”

Fans Helping Fans helped Regina M. by paying for overdue payments on her car, enabling her not only to catch up from the hurricane-related expenses, but also to keep her car and be able to continue to get to work as a teacher’s assistant.

“Once a fan, always a fan,” remarked Emily Lawrence, a member of FHF’s Grant Distribution Committee.  “We’re glad that FHF could help out a fan as far away as Florida and let her know that Eagles fans are always part of the ‘family’ no matter where they go.”