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Fans Helping Fans makes grant to help high school student stay in school

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

(Philadelphia, PA) On August 17, 2006, Fans Helping Fans, a grass-roots charity founded by fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, made a grant to the family of Karen G., a high school student and cross-country runner with an interest in going to college for business studies. The grant will help Karen stay in St. Hubert’s Catholic High School for Girls for her senior year and recover from family tragedy.

Earlier in the school year, the young woman’s father had been tragically killed, and her grandparents moved into the family home to raise Karen and her four younger siblings. Although the entire community stepped in with support, with funds tight, Karen’s uncle was concerned that there might not be enough money to pay the tuition for Karen’s senior year of high school.

Pictured during the grant presentation in August 2006 are Karen G. (center) with her Aunt Regina (L) and Grandmother Joann (R). Fans Helping Fans presented the grant on the steps of St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls, where Karen G. can now finish her senior year.

Karen G. at St. Huberts

Not wanting his niece to face a new school and new situation after so much upheaval, her uncle applied to FHF for help. Sister Alma Rose Schlosser acted as the grant sponsor and vouched for the family’s need, efforts and concern.

“Karen has been a student in good standing for the past three years,” the Sister noted. “It would be very hard for her not to complete her senior year because of tuition expenses.”

Fans Helping Fans was happy to present a check for $1,500.00 to St. Hubert’s. The funds, with other help provided to the family, helped to pay Karen G.’s senior year tuition.

As her uncle explained in describing his history as an Eagles fan, “the family gathers every Sunday or Monday to watch games. Being an Eagles fan allows our family to gather and bond for a common cause.”

Fans Helping Fans is happy to widen that circle and help bond with Karen G.’s family to help her remain in her fam